Easy improvements!  The Shopping basket …

5 Jun

Short and sweet today, as I have to send this out before I head to Ballarat to my Mum’s house and drop off iphone connectivity, and face limited internet access.

I’ve been talking about Creative Circ ideas so far that cost money. However I see plenty of libraries doing things that don’t need huge funds.

One idea one of our staff suggested after having a brainwave in a supermarket, is offering carrybaskets for students wandering the stacks.

Red plastic shopping basket with spaces in sides and black handle

I was frankly dubious about the model proposed, thinking it would be much less comfortable to hold than the ubiquitous backpacks most students already carry. However luckily I was not supervisor for this branch, and with more openness than me a trial went ahead. In one branch they are actually very popular. Students often want to just walk around piling things into this, and not bothering packing the backpack until they leave, having sorted through their choices and borrowed them.

They’re only for use in the library, we went for something without wheels as we want people to use stairs over lifts where possible, and we also sell the recycled bags like Coles at the servicedesks for carrying your extra finds home!


2 Responses to “Easy improvements!  The Shopping basket …”

  1. Penny June 5, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    oh yeah – these are great. We have them in our joint public/academic library branch and they are very popular. The ones with wheels are popular with the elderly or those with physical limitations.

  2. Sally June 5, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    I think these shopping baskets are terrific in libraries! I’ve used them myself 🙂

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