The Travel Meme from @snailx

13 Jun

Lovely slow Sunday today. Only left the house to stock up on milk and cheese from the fabulous Showgrounds Farmers Market. So relying on a meme for today’s blog post.

What “City, Country” do you live in?
Melbourne, Australia

What was the last country you visited other than your own (or that you want to if you haven’t been out of your country)?

What is your favourite kind of trip (i.e. camping, laying on the beach, cruise, etc.)?
Camping for anything shorter than a week; otherwise a city with lots of things to do like London, Paris …

What is the farthest location south that you have gone?
I’m geographically challenged, but think it would be Bruny Island, Tasmania. My Aunt has a B&B there right on the beach.

What is the farthest location north that you have gone?
Umm. Need to go look at a map. Probably Aberdeen, Scotland.

What is your preferred mode of transportation when traveling long distances?
Well whatever takes the least amount of time – so usually flying. Don’t want to waste precious holiday time on travelling.

What kind of vehicle do you own (or would like to own)?
I’ve got a car. More details are beyond me. Other than the fact that it’s red.
Oh and a bike. Apparently a mountain bike (learnt that in bike class the other day).
I’d like to own a yacht though. So I can visit my favourite ever bay at Wilsons Prom WITHOUT having to carry everything with me in a backpack (Wine and chocolate and roast chicken travel better on a boat).

What is your ideal destination?
Food, art and nice heat (you know the kind that’s not too hot). Greek Islands would be lovely. England and Scotland in the summer.

Who is your favourite travel companion?
Anyone willing to come, pay half the costs, who can speak the language of where we are going, isn’t too needy and likes art.
Sounds a simple list I know, but harder than you think to get volunteers.

What is the largest city you have visited?
Shanghai. Unbelievable number of people – who all still managed to be friendly without being intrusive. Wonderful country and people.

What destination would you recommend to a friend?
England. With me. Walking from pub to pub.
Or did you mean recommend for them … Shanghai. Amazing experience, easy to be a tourist.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Brunswick 4 months a year (love my new house), Great Britain 4 months and Europe 4 months. This question is about when I win millions and never have to work again, right?

Rwanda mountain

Rwanda mountain - we only walked to shaded bit I think

Sophie’s bonus question – What’s the highest altitude you’ve been?
um. Up a moutain in Rwanda. No idea of actual altitude.
I was VERY unfit, and the walk up was through a jungle so I thought it was really high. My sister implies it wasn’t …
Gorillas at the top of it amazing though.

Photos below are from a trip my sister organised to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Unbelievable. Amazing. Can still see them in front on me clear as day.

Gorillas wander through jungle in Rwanda

Gorillas wander through jungle in Rwanda

Silverback gorilla in Rwanda

Silverback gorilla up close in Rwanda


4 Responses to “The Travel Meme from @snailx”

  1. Tony June 13, 2010 at 6:54 am #

    Gorillas! Amazing. I think I’ll have to do this travel meme too.

    • Ruth Baxter June 15, 2010 at 7:58 am #

      We did a rushed trip in a bus from Kenya to Rwanda pretty much non-stop and then back again. However it was amazing. Seeing gorillas in the wild is so different to the Zoo. They are completely uninterested in humans in the wild. It was so special.

  2. CW June 15, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That would have been just amazing!!!

    (I am referring to the gorillas in Rwanda 🙂 )


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