Developing screen presence

24 Jun

Dear Webverse,

I need help.
Hmmm. Perhaps that should be a little more specific.

I need some helpful advice (yes I know this will largely exclude anything you had to say first off @malbooth) on what wonderful technology is out there that allows people to tune into the sound from tv screens with their own headphones.

I know I could do a search on this, however I’m a digital era librarian and I figure I’ll call for help, then go investigate what you all tell me instead.

Today, like many others I was trying to work out how to watch Julia’s first appearance on Question Time (so exciting). I was directed by @katclancy to the abc website streaming tv and got to watch it live. During this performance I realised that some of our library borrowers might want to see this too.

We have new LCD screens in those branches that have been refurbished, and I went off to see how one goes about getting a site up there with short notice. I got some great help from our teaching spaces staff, however in the end the biggest problem turned out to be sound. For obvious reasons (ssssshhhhhh) we haven’t enabled sound on many lcd screens. Even if I was able to, the noise would mean it was hardly an “opt-in” experience, as should be preferable (for everything if any politicians are reading).

One of the staff discovered an alternative source for me, however it’s got me thinking about using this in the future.

so does anyone understand the technology that gives me audio to a screen through my own headphones?

They do it at my gym using radio signals I think. I’m looking for an easy to buy product really ….


2 Responses to “Developing screen presence”

  1. Penny June 24, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    the public library we are connected with does this somehow… I’ll ask.

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