Local suppliers

27 Jun

Today was a wonderful day, and it is due partly to relaxing, and allowing myself to just go with the flow, and mostly to my wonderful friends.

Today I started the morning at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers Market. It’s fantastic and offers farm fresh vegies, fruit, cheese, beef, lamb and veal and other wonderful goodies. (Chocolate/orange tart this morning for me, raspberry brioche for 1 friend, citrus tart for another, shiraz jam and icecream for another!)
My favourite is Jonesy’s Dairy which supplies me with fresh unhomogenised milk (where the cream is on the top and swirls throughout the milk).

So today’s blog post is a quick appreciation for my suburb, and the joys of the inner city.

Today I went to my local gym the Brunswick Baths. It’s run by the YMCA and boasts a fabulous outdoor heated 50 m swimming pool as well as gym and aerobic/pilates/yoga classes. I got involved in my local council meetings purely so I could fight to retain that pool, and it worked!

I then returned books to our local library – conveniently just across the road from the gym/pool, well stocked and offering fabulous Music in Moreland events live in library spaces, as well as other fabulous community engagement projects such as developing an online local history presence through WikiNorthia.

In the afternoon with friends I visited our local environmental park CERES. Apart from a well stocked cafe, musical events and playspace; they offer environmental learning opportunities for all ages, fantastic nursery with events such as learning how to grow fruit trees, and a Bike Shed where you can learn all sorts of bicycle mechanics.

Loving Melbourne today!


2 Responses to “Local suppliers”

  1. apubliclibrarian June 28, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    sounds wonderful..I haven’t been to the local farmer’s markets near where I live – probably should they sound wonderful..I’m loving the sound of melbourne

  2. Ruth Baxter June 28, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    I’m a convert due to the lovely fresh milk, and I also seem to manage to find lots of other things to buy when I am there! I live on my own and it is easy to get lazy about cooking. This way I get excited about the meat and vegies I buy and plan meals, and also as the week wears on and I lose enthusiasm I think, well I need to use it before it spoils.

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