What have I learnt ?

29 Jun

So what have I learnt from #blogeverydayinjune ? It’s interesting. I thought the most obvious new skill would be learning how to write a blog, seeing as I’d always shied away from this before. And that has been great. However it is hasn’t really entered my thoughts yet, I haven’t got to the point where that was a conscious thing learnt.

Instead, as I look over my posts and comments, this blog so far has helped me follow up on my thoughts more. A little discipline perhaps. Pinning down and developing or exploring those thoughts that otherwise would have floated out of my head once I came home and turned on the tv. However when you’re searching for a blog post idea at 11pm they come to the fore again, and demand a little more thought in a non work context.

My most obvious theme that has grown so far is about research in the library world.
From vague thoughts about including some work related posts, to other’s conversations about speaking in professional forums, to a more conscious exploration of a growing interest in evidence based  decision making, reading articles and exploring how to find related research online.

My previous job descriptions have allowed me to thrive on a natural inclination to react, to make decisions quickly, to move onward and forward. In a servicedesk role, and managing large teams in such roles, crisis management is daily life. Now as I explore my new management role, I am having to increase my confidence in my own abilities to document, plan and make considered decisions after full evaluation.

So it has been wonderful using this blog to develop my own needs. I have had helpful comments, I have received useful critique and I have been given humour  to keep me on track. Thanks everyone at #blogeverydayinjune – bloggers and those who sent tweets and posted comments.

An example that was played out online, rather than in my head is :
– #blogeverydayinjune member mentions Joeyanne Libraryanne blog
I comment on her blog
– Hazel comments on my comment AND sends me 2 articles
I blog about this and send her an email
LIS Research puts in serious effort to ensure their conference is present in social media
(I especially love the idea of sponsoring some new grads to attend as long as they tweet what they see – wish VALA and ALIA IO would do this)
– Hazel replies to my email and asks to include how social media will benefit people like me on their conf blog
–  I get to read through a conf experience on CoverItLive (not something I have bothered with before)
–  notes now going up on SlideShare
– future twitterers to follow include @LISResearch and @hazelh

So, it’s been virtual and it’s been great.


5 Responses to “What have I learnt ?”

  1. Kim June 29, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    We do have student award winners who get to come to VALA conferences as part of award but sponsoring new grads to come and participate in back channels and blog is an interesting idea. Will take to executive :0)

  2. Jo Alcock June 29, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    Glad I could be part of such an interesting and productive chain of events! 🙂

  3. NewGradLibrarian June 30, 2010 at 2:34 am #

    What a great post Ruth! I love the way you have been able to trace such a litany of events and milestones back to a post from one of the #blogeverydayinjune participants.

    The timing of this project has been awesome for me and has resulted in me feeling more connected and linked in to the libraryland community than I could have possibly hoped for in a whole year of standard, ‘old fashioned’ networking strategies.

    • Ruth Baxter June 30, 2010 at 3:09 am #

      LOL! It’s the same for me. I feel more engaged in libraryland through this than I have for ages. Hopefully we continue with interesting projects.

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