RFID coming to Melb Uni!

20 Jul

It’s so exciting.

FE Technologies was looking for a Millennium site they could set up with RFID to gain accreditation. I offered one of our smaller science branch libraries, and they got very enthused. They are going to tag everything for free, then loan us a self service kiosk for students to trial.

You can all come and visit!

The Chemistry Library was refubished last year. It’s traditional library footprint has been reduced, so it is now situated next to a computer lab, boasts a modern study space that stays open 24/7 with swipe card access, alongside a staff office, service desk and shelving for a reduced print collection (9000 borrowable items). Now that print collection will be RFID tagged and we can see how the library users perceive the benefits of this system.

We will be keeping our standard EM detection system, yet want to see what value RFID offers an open collection for self service, stocktake and decreasing staff handling of materials. It’s a single person library, so if they could stop handing reserve items over the counter, checking out and in books – real differences to their time. We will move the  reserve items out from behind the staff desk, and see if people will bother to check them out if they use in the study space.

So exciting. Something new and shiny!!


One Response to “RFID coming to Melb Uni!”

  1. Penny July 25, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    Very cool!

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