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No RFID to show off here

24 Aug

Hi Everyone

Thanks to all those who contacted me with interest in our RFID partnership with FE Technologies. Unfortunately I should have looked closer into what was offered. As it can’t work on a hybrid system of EM and RFID security, and as they can’t provide us with test gates, we’re not going to test this fully. We’d be checking items out on the new RFID self service and then they’d be setting off the exit gates as they tried to leave : – ) So probably nothing to show those of you who wanted to come and look.

We will still be working with FE Technologies so they can get accreditation with Innovative Interfaces International (III), but the only show and tell we will have is a staff module. So perhaps RMIT may be more interesting to others as they have fully implemented RFID in 2 branches now I believe.

I’m on leave for the next 2 weeks (which I can do as I have a fabulous PM from FE called Dom & a poor put upon UniMelb staff member to implement in my absence), but can answer emails etc when I return in Sept.