#octshowntell Last week … get on board

27 Oct

OK It’s the last week of October (where did that last month go?) so it’s everyone’s last chance to have fun with digital storytelling. Climb aboard the FUNN learning train and have a go.

dpgreen has kicked it off with xtranormal http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7473325/

Jaygee up with http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/?comix_id=20368245C324795

jobeaz at http://www.dvolver.com/live/movies-471600

Ceridwyn at http://bit.ly/d9T0U8

Sally at http://www.doink.com/clips/sallysetsforth/1170417/a-snail-and-a-butterfly

New tools discovered include – dvolver,
the joy of popup books!!!! at http://www.zooburst.com/

Obviously I didn’t manage to get to this last week with my own entry, shamelessly succombing to Internet problems at home and illness, and the dog ate my homework ….

Thanks to everyone who made this fun.

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