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help me with #pickourpaper

8 Apr

I have the following topics as possibles for the upcoming VALA conference.

Anyone want to suggest themes, info, citations? (see my new playspace in

1. “using tech to stop your inner creativity being crushed when working in academic libraries” @malbooth @pinkfairaedust @paulhagon

– con your friends into creating amusing iPhone library apps (thanks Paul)
– be silly (#piratehatsWed)
– talk to others on Twitter
– set up competitions that teach you new stuff (tagging on Flickr)
– dream of staffless libraries (Denmark) or moving your entire physical collection (virtual shelf browsing )
– borrow a therapy dog
– chat on your library facebook with your customers (show some UMelb stuff)
– set up a game for the opening of your new library
– something on why we librarians are scared of play???? Ring @pinkfairaedust for this? What’s required to make a cultural change (academic libraries learn from public libraries? Or simply accept we need marketing better?

2. Dissenting Discussions – can you have more open dialogue about libraries online?
– Twitter substreams in confs commenting on the speakers (good or bad)
– creating dissenting networks
– opening up like minded groups across distances
– fear of risk and technophobia
– anonyimity online
– getting mentoring from a wider network? ourstide MPOW
– #pickourpaper Increase your chances of getting a conf paper accepted by crowdsourcing ideas?

3. Free ideas looking for the highest bidder? @girlwithshoes
– ideas you have that you are always told are too way out, not serious enough etc
eg dispensing machine that gives you a packet of crisps with every 3rd book; matches food to genre eg sports=gatorade, chocolate=romance
eg art gallery players/podcasts instead of verbal directions from ref desks to places in the library.  eg students who ask “Where are the toilets?” and gives them audio directions and commentary until they get there. Then includes some fun stuff about the graffiti on the wall
eg include real stuff like facepainting at UTS

– ideas you could put into practice if Bill Gates decided to give your library unlimited funding
eg include real stuff like Apple chair from The Grove

– ideas that are really simple and could be implemented cheaply if anyone would take a chance
eg Andrew’s idea to tag roving librarians with RFID, then put up a screen at the ref desk that says “Today your librarian is here” with a graphic that shows where they have roved too

4. Talking about an (r)evolution: librarians, technology and the future @haikugirlOz

– explore feelings of alienation of some tech people in library world eg @katclancy difficulty in their ideas being fully engaged with (how serious are we about usability ux etc)
– what is the future of librarianship in terms of technology. What do we have to do to get people on board with using technology, incorporating it.
– how do we manage for space for innovation? (UM RFID)
– how can we stay more  up to date with users needs, not always be reactive
– have someone Skype in and participate @DaenelT
– gogo dancing perhaps with instructions from animoto (interactive with audience) to start as we walk up or for intro?
– Kim to enter to soundtrack and windmachine 🙂
– advertise giveaways (Kim to crochet)
– plan & report on some tweetups/focus groups to talk to librarians about what they think. (Perth new gen libs?) Segment by what managers think, new grads, peeps with plus 5 experience, educators, library students across a range
of different libraries.