#blogjune recalling me to the blogosphere

1 Jun

Apparently it’s a whole year since I first started blogging. It must be, cause I never blogged until Twitter introduced me to the challenge in June 2010 of #blogeverydayinjune

Last year it was quite a challenge. I was worried about the topics I could think of that people would want to read, having enough information in each post, just remembering to blog each day.

This year is more about making sure I participate because I remember the benefits. I moved from factual posts about the library world to sharing my thoughts with others, and also remembering to stop and smell the roses (by reading other people’s blogs).

Today I had a meeting about strategic planning for IT improvements at MPOW. It was well run and we did some great brainstorming, moving away from angry debriefs about what is wrong with the current scenario, and focussing more on what we can all do collectively in the future.

One of the positive topics was how could we introduce opportunities for learning about IT at different levels of learning engagement. This is something that #blogeverydayinjune was for me last year. I learnt how to blog, I received answers through comments from others, and I learnt ideas I hadn’t even thought about in the library space from other blogs.

So this should be a good month 🙂


One Response to “#blogjune recalling me to the blogosphere”

  1. gigglesigh June 1, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    I’m also enjoying blogging again – it’s like I have neglected my online family and now have found them again LOL

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