Calming and calmer

22 Jun

Well I was plunged back into work with a vengenece. Quite a few projects nearing completion at the moment so pressure mounting.

Pleased to say that the time away has helped me approach rising issues more clearly. Also  I have  a real feeling of being more centered, that is feeling stable within myself.

It’s new afresh to me everytime I realise I have got stressed; both the symptoms and the results. I’m pretty hyperactive normally so it can also take others awhile to notice the difference between my normal “dramatic” expressions, and actual stress.

image of frogs in resin

Image from Flickr under creative commons from burke_wicker

Especially when the stress has built up gradually, in that “frog in hot water” theory; where if  the hot water is warmed up gradually the frog doesn’t realise until it’s too late.

I think awareness of capacity may be something I need to try and self improve in terms of my work life. I add on more and more, and then realise too late that I have put off breaks and space for myself. This results in not producing what you would like from yourself, and then a loop of resentment/fear of underperformance.

I’m feeling pretty centred again now though. Realised that my sense of falling behind, or doubting my own instincts, was a symptom of stress or overtiredness, and not that I am not able to cope.

Hopefully I can learn to support my own sense of calm more in the future 🙂


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