Reporting to your customers

25 Jun

Today I read a short article by Kirsty Thomson about how “the lack of annual reports make it difficult to analyze library strategic cerdibility” in Evidence Based  Library and Information Practice Vol 6(2), 2011, pp 34-35

It’s reminded me I am behind on service metric reporting for my section this quarter, and that there are real reasons why I should be more informative (but not more wordy)  in reporting what my section does for our clients through our annual report.

However it’s not the only way for communicating your value to your customers.

Recently we’ve had a staff member volunteer to “personalise” our Twitter stream. Go check it out, it’s really going well. One of the tricks he is using is trawling the Twitteverse for mentions of the library and responding. It’s getting some fun commentary. Of course another good example is UTS who have been doing social media with fun attitude for ages now.

Our last library survey actually had published results [finally] on what our gaps had been identified as, and what we were doing to meet them.

What methods are you using to respond to customer feedback, or push news of your services?         


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