How will I measure that people have accepted our new discovery layer?

26 Jun

I’ve been so long stuck in the review and then implementation planning of our new discovery layer, that I have been hard pressed to visualise a time when it is live and i have to measure outcomes. Other than the outcome where the whole project team has a quiet weekend and loads of vodka of course.

However the go live possibity now beckons, and my change and consultation project officer wants a meeting on what from her is some long words about user acecptance, and to me means – So how will I know that the product has been accepted, let alone if people are happy with it?

Today’s reading has been therefore:

“User Satisfaction with electronic reference: a systematic review” by Elaine M LLasda Bergman and Irina I Holdern and published in Reference Services Rewview, 2010, v38(3) pp 493-509

It has given me some insights into how user satsifaction has been measured for electronic library services. I had some great starting advice on this from Caroline Gauld when we reviewed discovery layers. Now that she has flown onto to a higher role in Brisbane, I’m interested in what user testing we could do post our go live [any day now. really. I think.]

So Im off to do some more consideration on data collection, target audience and clarity of the questions! The concept of “willingness to return” is especially of interest if in the future we want to consider a single portal, rather than multiple entry points.


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