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Library training that I’d like to attend

6 Jul

I was thinking today about the sort of library training that is offered each year; and the sort of library training I would LIKE to go to. They are usually mutually exclusive at the moment.

So what do you think about the below? Do you know of any courses that match my needs?

What would you add?


  • How to justify to your manager┬átraveling┬áto other libraries
  • Statistics: how to make them say what you want them too
  • Effectively communicating with library customers through social media
  • LIbrary Risk and how to increase it
  • Challenging yourself and your colleagues to improve user experience
  • ROI – evidence based decision making for customer experience
  • Implementing change to keep your organisation nimble
  • Meetings – when do they help, when do they hinder?
  • Strategic planning and it’s relationship to implementation plans
  • Vendor speak: the art of low expectations
  • Encouraging creativity in a team
  • Letting go: annual review of library services
  • Nothing ventured? An annual workshop on new library initiatives that didn’t work out as planned, but someone tried them anyway because they were current
  • Customer feedback sessions and how to run them with your mouth shut
  • Mentoring in a time of cutbacks
  • Managing Up : what you can gain
  • How to hide things in tender contracts


  • Learning how to apply for funding for new fad toys
  • Talking on any topic without preparation
  • Talking
  • Continuous Change – just for the fun of it
  • Multitasking (also known as Variety for the Easily Distracted)
  • Keeping yourself laughing in a library
  • Mentoring for the real library world
  • Dress for Success: when to wear open toed shoes, pearls and lycra (With help from @malbooth)

Sorry #blogjune I did try

1 Jul

Ok. I was going to try and rustle up 5 additional posts but I have given up.

Here’s hoping #blogjune next year doesn’t coincide with another go live date of a major project.

The good news is that as of today I have a working discovery layer implemented …. and my life becomes more my own again!