Music and dancing

5 Jun

Another lazy winter day. To be honest I foresee many more to come. Feeling rested, centered and happy.

One of my new challenges is to dance everyday. Just fun, around the house dancing, not necessarily choreographed or class based.

[Although if you live in Melbourne and haven’t yet tried Anna’s Gogo class (conveniently housed in bar/pub) check it out. Warmup is like a live comedy show, class is a series of line dances consisting of great moves from Elvis movies, Thriller, Bieber and more. ]

This morning I tuned Spotify into Sam & Dave for some great soul classics. Try it out for yourself.

This afternoon I rode down to the fabulous B.East burger bar. Once a month they have a New Orleans theme with the wonderful Horns of Leroy playing all afternoon. I love a brass band and they offer trumpets, drums, suzaphone, trombone and any visiting brass players they find in town.

A brief sample.

Horns of Leroy play traditional, covers and their own music. Their most popular song with the audience lately has been a Bieber cover which you can see here.


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