This Idiot’s Guide to Storify

9 Jun

Despite having used Twitter for many years now, and loving it, I’ve never actually got beyond the concept of drawing all my Tweets together. I tried once by copying and pasting into Word, which was annoying, and was told about Storify and then it all seemed too much bother. So in response to 1) a need for a blog post  2) notes from a great couple of conferences recently and 3) the idea that I should try something I have been intimidated by every day for a year

Tonight I shall attempt to pull together Tweets on 2 recent conferences on Storify and pass on real life observational UX on the way.

  1. Find Storify online: Google search takes me to
    [ – already confused as to whether Storify 2 is the paid option or the free
    – it says register through twitter and then makes you register again – I hope I       haven’t handed my Twitter password to a malicious app]
    Have registered now.
  2. Click on promotional video on first page.
    [Note: it is very true that being observed my lead your clients to change their behaviour. I would never normally follow any introductory instructions]
    This turns out to tell me nothing about how to start and instead goes on about collaborating with my team with Storify 2.
  3. Return to usual behaviour and click on ‘New Story’ button in top right hand toolbar; will just work it out as I go along
  4. Enter a title : User Experience in Libraries (Oz) workshop
  5. Enter a description : Workshop on UX run by @Andytraining at RMIT Storey Hall Melbourne on Wed 8 June[note – both look boring to me but am attempting to make professional notes I can show to my boss about training she paid for, so professional = boring ]
  6. Side panel tells me I can
    Search by
    Select a network above and search for social media content. You can add networks by clicking the +
    [so far this looks straight forward and positive]
    Add content by drag and drop {always a good way to add}
  7. Start by searching Twitter for #UXLibsOz
    [Big tick for the fact that I get to choose what to add, or can instantly ‘add them all’
    Cross for the fact that they are listed with the most current at the top and it doesn’t tell me how to turn them around so they run chronologically
    Ok pause for add them all, realise there are more than 50, try and undo. Can’t. Load more tweets. Get 100. Decide that covers the whole day. Add them all. Realise I think I now have 150. Discover the undo button is not in web options, but down in the left hand box. Undo.]
  8. Add 100 tweets
  9. Discover the Reorder button on the left hand edit box – reorder into oldest first.
    Feel a glow of achievement.Pause and play with Facebook – consider whether $30 is reasonable for a speed dating night.
    Remember I have to finish this #blogjune post tonight. Focus again
  10. Remove some slides from the Tuesday session with the same #UXLibsOz
  11. Discover the “collapsed view” removes the Twitter boundaries and makes it more like nice dot point notes. Like this feature.
    Then discover it only displays one line of text not whole tweet. Dislike this feature.
  12. Get bored again and decide to see if there are any Facebook or INstagram points to add. Nope.
  13. Go back to twitter and add some after the training tweets from @Andytraining such as followup online videos etc
  14. Getting bored. No colour or movement in this app and navigating through tweets to drag and drop is hard – cursor does not show up on the right and you appear to need to scroll.
  15. Try focussing again. Reorder from oldest and discover I have one of the videos I want to recommend as further reading at the top now.
    Attempt to drag and drop to the end and put in text headings. This is easy – get engaged again.
  16. Make a heading for other people on Twitter who enjoyed the day
  17. Discover I can’t add content from WordPress.
    Copy and paste instead. Discover Storify breaks up my text to separate boxes everytime I press enter. Begin to feel like I am in a CMS environment.
  18. Edit and rearrange some tweets and delete others. Fairly easy.
    Find navigating on a small laptop screen hard though. Wouldn’t try this on a mobile phone.
  19. Finish – decide to publish. Try Preview Draft button. Looks ok, but not what I was expecting. Will leave up for the night and consider later.
    [Annoyed it automatically sets the starting photo]REALLY like – that it picks out all the people I have quoted and lets me choose to let them know I have Storifyed them. Great way to make sure attributions are correct. 
  20. See my Storify at
  21. Publish this and finish #blogjune post for the night so I can go back to Storify and try adding it in …

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