Being a commuter

15 Jun

Today I didn’t ride my bike as I was going to a seminar on a side of town I’ve never ridden to.

So I was a commuter coming home tonight at 5:30 from Flinders St Station. It’s honestly been 10 years since I have had to be a peak hour commuter. Normally I leave work so late I miss the peak times even if I’m not riding.

I did love that my train leaves from a platform that also has a stall selling hot food. Cold weather justified my fast food purchase nicely. Way more cheery than a vending machine. Plus it had clever customised Dare advertising aimed at commuters.

I was VERY impressed by the #ptv announcer. He had to read out every train arriving and leaving, remember to remind people to stay back behind the safety line at set time periods, communicate clearly and stay sounding cheerful. I’m sure my voice would have had ‘tone‘ 20 minutes into my shift, but his was resolutely clear and upbeat. Loved the throwin lines, such as “Passengers waiting to get to West Footscray we appreciate your patience. We really appreciate it,  as you will be waiting some time …”

Luckily his predicted “Good service all the way on the Upfield line” stayed true and I had a clear run home.

Stay safe everyone.

2 Responses to “Being a commuter”

  1. Cherie Basile June 15, 2016 at 6:19 pm #

    I’m still at work, Ruth (eating iced vo vo’s and a miso cup-a-soup in the absence of a hot food stand in the library here :)), so you’re ahead of me. But thank you for the nice diversion during my meal break. And for reminding me of one of my lost ambitions in life — to be an announcer on a microphone like that somewhere being useful and trying to make people’s day a little happier !! : )

    • Ruth Baxter June 15, 2016 at 10:11 pm #

      I talk nonstop Cherie. I should have the same ambition.

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