What energises you at work?

17 Jun

Today I worked from home. I do this one day every 2/3 weeks and I get all my sitdown, don’t interrupt, long long documents done without distraction. 

*note: As an extroverted, verbal, people focused person I can get very easily distracted in any group setting. 

I have a very calming supervisor on these days too:

I also usually manage some reading and reset my priorities for my To Do list.

Today’s thoughts following these last 2 actions were about what energises me at work. The original question I had was what motivates me at work; however thinking further I realised I was actually looking more for what will bring my energy levels up

I’ve only just started thinking about it, and it’s already showing me why I am feeling a little disengaged lately. Although all my work at the moment is contributing to goals I think are important, a lot of the work is not energising me, turning my to do lists into a bit of a mountain to tackle.

So I’m going to start to intersperse the things that do energise me into my daily routine, rather than keep slogging away at the other duties and wondering why I slow down.

So far my list includes

– collaborative work with other people

– mentoring 

– brainstorming specific problems  

– learning something new

– listening to users

I’d be interested to hear what energises you at work in the comments. 


6 Responses to “What energises you at work?”

  1. Ruth Baxter June 22, 2016 at 11:03 am #

    Great – more ideas for me to read

  2. Ruth Baxter June 22, 2016 at 11:16 pm #

    Yay – more ideas for me. Thankyou


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