18 Jun

I babysat a small child for 6 hours today so I have no conversation or energy left. *No facts stated tonight will be checked.  Tonight’s #blogjune will be an easy spiel about my current favourite tv show. 

@sbs2 screen  “If You Are The One” week nights 5:30 except for Friday’s and Sat/Sun at 7:30pm. It’s a dating show hugely popular right across it’s native China. I think Australia is the only country to screen it with English subtitles*. My level of fandom has now reached the heights of having met the senior @sbs2 translator, and heard about the challenges of translating Chinese to Australian humour!
The format is 24 women standing at lecterns with buzzers. Single men come on stage individually and present themselves through 3 videos, and one skill challenge. Initially I enjoyed the show mostly because of the refreshing honesty of the women about what they were looking for, or saw.

My favourite girl, Wu Yu, once informed a guy who had been overselling his own attributes:

“why do drums make the most noise? Because they are hollow inside”.

Bluntness comes also from the contestants’ friends in their third video, tagged the “frenemy” video. Only non-Chinese contestants make the mistake of having friends who say positive things about them. 

Frankness includes insensitive statements about candidates skin colour, height, weight, eyeshape, eyelids (single v double) and other strange preferences. However preferences seem to be evenly distributed so it works out. Also frankness offers a genuine desire by contestants to date someone they meet on this show with an intent to marry, real information about how much they expect their partner to earn, what role they want to play in the relationship and what they expect in a partner. 

What has kept me hooked though is the wonderful Twitter members found online commentating along with the show at #ifyouaretheone   Given that those of us without Mandarin are reading subtitles AND tweeting at the same time the quality is wonderful. 

We have a drinking game that calls for drinks every time significant themes occur eg

– a contestant sings a song

– eyelids are mentioned 

– a contestant comes from the town of Dalien

– a contestant’s nerves show in the volume of their introduction and we deem them a “shouter”

– when offered a range of background information on the women who have selected him, a candidate chooses the “housework capability” question

– Monkey King is mentioned (one candidate referenced this repeatedly)

– male candidate job is as a personal trainer

– gifts are brought 

– token judges mention their latest film/song

and many more.

We also 

– give creative nicknames to favourite candidates: Sister Corn and Sister Mario definitely stand out

– learn great popular culture information about how China is navigating the last 6 years

– become obsessed  with Chinese tv stars Le Jia, Meng Fei and Ms Huang

– have come up with an advice list for male contestants of how to best please the women eg do not ever admit to having more than 3 previous girlfriends, or have pretty girls on your frenemy video
Come and join in. 
I have made great friends online through #ifyouaretheone with whom I can joke and laugh as my true self, and gone on to meet some in real life. An hour with them always lifts any sad/bad/tired mood. 
Thank goodness for sbs and Twitter 👍


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