Voting – Saturday 2 July 2016

21 Jun

I’m very apathetic about politics most of the time, but I get very focused around election time. I think everyone should vote, especially now we have wonderful new election rules where you don’t have to tick ALL the boxes on some voting papers. 
I do hear some people say they think their vote is pointless, they get confused and so on. So today’s #blogjune is my list of useful suggestions for preparing to vote: 
If you are not free on 2nd July –  you can go to an early voting Centre or apply online for a postal vote at (note you need to do this before Wed 29 June) 

Find out where to vote: 

Google election information 

An early vote does mean  you will be missing out on supporting the great Australian tradition of a sausage sizzle. Usually more flavorful than Bunnings you can ensure your vote is food accompanied by visiting 

the Snagvotes map

or the Google election map  

or tweeting @auspolling from a smart phone with your location services on. 

For more detail read this 
Can’t remember your electorate

Check the Google election site

or the AEC can tell you 
Don’t understand all the parties:

– find out from AEC who your candidates are 

– check their websites

– try Cate’s explanations on her blog

– or this summary

I don’t want to vote for some of them: 

Well you do have to number every box on the green House of Representatives form BUT for the white Senate voting form you only have to number 1-6 above the line or 1-12 below the line. 

That’s right: you can now leave some people UN voted for! You can honestly say they didn’t get your vote. 

More information available online at

Happy Voting everyone 👍


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