Lisa Bellear – art & history 

27 Jun

Today’s #blogjune post is about Lisa Bellear, a Melbourne indigenous artist and activist, and a friend; and how her art has become a rich historical source. 

Lisa passed away 10 years ago, unfairly early. Her friends and family put together an exhibition from her collected poems, photography and media projects at the Koorie Heritage Trust, Federation Square this year. It’s open until 17 July 2016 so if you’re in Melbourne go and have a look.

Click here for exhibition details: Close to you: the Lisa Bellear Picture Show

Lisa had a wonderful sense of humor, an innate ability to entertain or communicate with all audiences. She lived her life to help others, both through her social work job and her feminist and indigenous activism. She took part in Australian rallies, fundraisers, sports events, any community events. At all of these she took photos, and to ensure that this was not a one way act, she would mail back copies to those she photographed with messages of where and when. 

So now with all she collected there is a rich historical archive of images from both daily life and significant protests and events in the Melbourne indigenous and feminist community throughout her time there. Her family and friends have donated much of her work to the Koorie Heritage Trust and now it will slowly be catalogued to allow it to be reused and accessed by researchers. Lisa spent time herself in both academic and community circles, and would surely love her work to help tell more stories. 

A rich legacy, alongside the richness she added to so many lives, like mine, through her friendship. 


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