3 Jun

Last week I got to attend a fantastic community organization conference #wearecic

They had a range of inspiring speakers, and this post is going to be about a conversation on euthanasia between Andrew Denton and Virginia Trioli.

UPDATE: Video of the conversation online here

I learnt a range of terribly sad ways that people in great pain have had to use to take their own lives, such as hanging, starvation and shooting themselves.

I learnt that 60% of palliative care in Victoria? (maybe Australia?) is Catholic care based, and hence may have staff who do not believe in allowing patients to have increased pain medication if it kills them.

I learnt that doctors and families and friends are currently unable to have these conversations with those that are dying, for fear of legal implications. Thus even though euthanasia is happening the participants are isolated, alone, unaware of all their care options and their decisions unregulated.

I feel that all of this is wrong. Whether from caring intentions or not, we need better options. The Victorian Parliament is currently considering options. There are legal alternatives that have existed for many years in other countries.

Please take the time NOW to consider your view and contact your local politician to advise them of your opinion. The Catholic Church is asking congregations to contact their politicians, so I think it’s important that we all speak up, so that politicians hear from many  voices across our community.

Information is available via

Twitter on @gogentle_aus

Podcast –


2 Responses to “Euthanasia ”

  1. Sally June 4, 2017 at 4:36 pm #

    If other countries can have euthanasia legislation which isn’t abused, then why not Australia? It is so sad that people are pushed to take such tragic action and in complete isolation (for fear of implicating friends or family) – people deserve more than this. Thanks for this post Ruth, it needs to be talked about openly.

    • Ruth Baxter June 4, 2017 at 5:55 pm #

      Thanks Sally. The VIC government group has visited other countries with legal boundaries around euthanasia for background so hopefully they have something to start with for legislation here.

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