Creativity – live music

4 Jun

It’s interesting how I used to expect creativity to just be a part of myself that emerged organically. Now I understand it needs some active engagement from the whole of me, some supporting activity.

Music is fantastic at heightening my emotions, at helping me feel free and capable of taking risks – hence music is one of the factors that leads me to feel creative.

Last night I went to a silent disco at the Melbourne Aquarium. A silent disco is where everyone has earphones on, listening to different provided music, or sometimes their own. Last night’s headphones handily lit up red, blue or green; depending on whether you were listening to DJ 1,2 or 3.

For the first hour lots of people stood around awkwardly with headphones on looking at swimming fish. I noted that the only people older than myself and my friends, were the parents who must have accompanied their child.

Then we all started to relax and for the next 2 hours I danced nonstop. People migrated towards other people with matching colors on their headphones. At one point the Nutbush inspired synchronised dancing spreading out across the dancefloor like a virus; led enthusiastically by 18 year olds who remembered the steps better than I did. My friends and I tried dancing with each other on different channels and laughed. Everyone turned the sound up to their own preference.

And, amazingly, people began to sing loudly. It’s like being in the shower, you can’t hear yourself and you lose your inhibitions. As I took my headphones off to head for the toilet queue the noise was awful. I’m not sure if we need to hear each other to sing in tune, or if the group was tonedeaf.

Yet it made me realise how wonderful it can be when we feel we can truly get caught up in something as our own selves, as individuals.

Today I went to free live music at a nearby burger bar. Joe Camillari joined a large brass band I love called “Horns of Leroy” and the whole audience joined in, dancing, clapping and singing. Creativity emerged from the feeling of being part of a group, feeling part of something larger, feeling relaxed and wallowing in your emotions.

Two different scenarios, yet a really timely reminder that music informs and creates space for me to be creative.

I bought a cd and am going to play it loudly now.

Anyone wants to hear a sample visit YouTube – Horns of Leroy sample

Happy Sunday everyone.


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