Going off grid

11 Jun

If you are seeing this post today, it means that I have finally learnt to schedule correctly.

I’m off down the beach to a house without wifi, and possibly without internet access. Although this still induces some withdrawal symptoms now, a few years ago I would have seriously panicked.

I remember reading Susan Maushart’s “The Winter of our Disconnect” in bookgroup 10 years ago, and being really annoyed that she didn’t seem to see the benefits that technology offered in terms of connecting with others. It was a time when I was battling with colleagues to be allowed to type on my ipad in meetings (you are supposed to be paying attention, it’s impolite), let alone get them to share documents within a session or consider a Skype meeting.

Now I’m a bit more open to having time off, as it helps me separate work/life. I’m happily now carrying two phones, one work, one personal – and I only take the work one with me during work hours. I’ve taken work email settings off my personal phone and by the time I have worked out the fiddly way to log into webmail, I have usually talked myself out of my need to check my work email.

I will be taking preloaded ebooks and podcasts with me to the beach, as well as using my phone as my camera. I’m not anti technology. I just cope better without being hooked into the net all the time.

Happy long weekend everyone


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