Doing nothing 

12 Jun

Today I did nothing mainly.

I packed up and left a wonderful beach house in Apollo Bay. Drove home listening to TED TALK podcasts from NPR.

Got home, unpacked, threw on a load of washing, sat down and watched some tv – can recommend Delicious and new series of Dr Who via ABC.

Then I slept quite a lot. Later I did some stretches and read a book.
Now not too long ago I would see today as fun but “wasteful”. Wasted opportunities. All those self help books that tell you to live every moment, squeeze achievements in everywhere and so on.
Actually the biggest problem was always an internal guilt voice that says “you should be doing something” on repeat.

That’s why I went away. Somewhere else other than your own house the internal To Do list takes longer to form, longer for the internal voice to gain volume.
However as I read more about building resilience I realise how important a complete break is. How calm and grounded it can leave you, how rested in mind as well as body.
I’ve read 3 books this weekend. I actually remember them. I engaged with how they were written and how I felt about their message. I will be able to apply that same focus next week. I will have built some more resilience reserve, be able to stay calm that little bit longer.
I’ll sleep well tonight. Internal voice  worried about doing things relentlessly safely bedded down for awhile.
Sleep well everyone.


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