Top 5 things to bake

17 Jun

Today I’m inspired by a recent blog from Rach – check out her great recipes too.

My go to recipes for reliable, yummy, quick baking are :

1. Penny’s marshmallow recipe

I got this from a librarian so it must be well researched right? The wonderful @greengecko is a fabulous maker – food, clothes, craft. All her activities are child friendly too (from necessity I imagine).

Anyway I did a lot of baking when I was young, but genuinely didn’t know that you could make marshmallows from scratch. I think I thought they had some magical commercial polymer to make them that fluffy. So I was really excited to do these. 

I must warn you – there is NOTHING stickier than raw marshmallow mix – so make sure to wash any child assistant bakers in hot water immediately after.

I also find toasted coconut is essential for my vanilla marshmallows. I lay out shredded coconut (dessicated coconut burns quicker) on a baking tray and cook in an oven on 175 degrees Celsius. Stir occasionally and once it starts to brown remove (about 10 mins). 

2. Jaffa cakes 

In England these are my favourite store bought biscuit. Dark chocolate with marmalade and a very fluffy biscuit base. For awhile I paid a fortune to buy them from a British Goods store in Melbourne. Then the fabulous IGA near me bought them in regularly from Czechoslovakia, but then it all stopped.

So I was very excited to find I can home bake them as well. Also means you can increase proportions of jelly to chocolate to sponge depending on your personal preferences. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of Felicity Cloake, she’s a fantastic food writer who experiments with a range of recipes for a designated food item, and tells you the results of each. I was referred by a friend and am very thankful I was. She’s done the perfect icecream, the perfect scone etc I always learn something about the way baking different ingredients works from reading her columns. 

3. Cadbury family chocolate cake

It seems appropriate that Cadbury has a great reliable chocolate cake recipe. This one is a little misleading in the prep time as there is an additional 20-30 mins in the middle where you let the chocolate mixture cool. 

Still this one has always worked for me, comes out a light chocolatey taste and beautifully light. 

4. Stephanie Alexander chocolate chip biscuits 

I’m avoiding copyright by sending you to a site where someone else has bypassed the copyright. 

These are my favourite cookies. Feel free to increase the dark chocolate or the nuts; but don’t be tempted to let them cook for longer. Melted chocolate works out best as per the recipe.

Wonderful thing about most cookie recipes is you can make up extra batches and freeze them. Then you can come home anytime you want and throw them in the oven for a quick snack. 

5. Sponge cake
Everyone should have an easy passionfruit sponge recipe in Australia I feel. 

I feel guilty with my copyright hat on as I really can’t tell you where I got this from, but it’s a quick easy sponge that works. 

As with all sponges, if it doesn’t rise enough for you, add more eggs. However sponges are merely a vehicle for passionfruit icing (use real passionfruit not that pulp in a tin) and cream, so thinner is not really an issue. 

Those are my top 5 reliable quick recipes. 

My real repeat special that almost every visitor is served is roast chicken with veggies. There the only recipe tip I can give you though is buy a good organic fed, free range chicken, preferably direct from a Farmers Market, as they are much more forgiving. Then you whack it and the veggies in the oven at 180 degrees C for 1.5 hours and it’s delicious. I even cheat and source my gravy from those microwave supermarket packets. 

Now I’m hungry … might grab a snack.

Happy baking everyone. 


One Response to “Top 5 things to bake”

  1. RachB June 18, 2017 at 8:37 am #

    Thanks for the tag. I forgot to put my new fave choc cake recipe into my list, because I don’t make it very often. is close to the one I make but I can’t find the right link, the one I do has oil in place of butter

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