#PlasticfreeJuly anyone?

20 Jun

So I am as usual, writing and thinking more due to #blogjune than I manage for the rest of the year. It seems a little self discipline is good for me, the daily incentive forcing me to take time and focus on something specific.
This has got me thinking about other monthly motivational targets I could be engaging in. I know #dryJuly is common, however it doesn’t appeal. 
Then my friend on Facebook let me know about #plasticfreejuly http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/register.html

I haven’t signed up yet, however it looks interesting. Less a daily to do target and more an overall to do theme. 

My CWA group (see yesterday’s blog post) and some close friends with great environmental awareness have already got me going on this one. 

We made beeswax wraps in CWA last month. They smell heavenly whether wrapping my sandwich in my handbag, or wrapping cheese in my fridge. There are heaps of how tos on the web but we tried something different and melted the beeswax and then dipped our cotton squares (I just used new handkerchiefs) in and out. Worked well I think. We also used plain beeswax – adding in jojoba oil and pine resin (you can buy blends) is supposed to make your wax wraps more flexible, but mine seem fine for the purposes I have. We bought our beeswax from a bee products shop (fabulous advantage of living next to a hipster suburb) however a slightly less beautifully feeling version can also be found in hardware shops such as Bunnings in the painting products aisle. 

I also have great lightweight net bags made for me by a friend, which I can use instead of plastic fruit & veggie bags in supermarkets or farmers markets. She said they were easy – however my sewing experience is nil so I can’t comment. 

Then of course I have all my cloth shopping bags. I even tried these hanging supermarket trolley bags 

out for Aldi but they are too awkward for my bicycle … so if anyone wants them let me know and I will post them up to you. 

So my biggest waste of plastic bags is now my 

  • rubbish bin liners (I’m using supermarket bags) and so I might try and put one big bag liner in the actual garbage bin and empty my small bins into that directly.
  • individual plastic packaging for items e.g. Dog chews 
  • Dog poo bags – anyone got any ideas for replacing these but keeping your hands clean? 



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