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Reflection time

30 Jun

Ok it’s the last day of #blogjune. What have I learnt from the process this year?

  • I should listen to Con more. She has good ideas.
  • Letting something go if you are tired and picking it up later, when you are ready for it, is a good thing. 
  • Reflecting on your life is rewarding
  • Pet pictures remind you of how wonderful your pet’s truly are
  • Reading other people’s blogs/thoughts can lead you to ideas you would never have had on your own
  • I feel quite strongly about leadership mentoring. I should look into how I can contribute more to this

I hope everyone else has enjoyed #blogjune either reading or writing or both. 

The amazingness of @malbooth and @utslibrary

29 Jun

Tonight I tweeted non stop for an hour for those who couldn’t make it to tonight’s @valalib #VALA Williamson Oration.

Go to @restructuregirl or #vala for the content.

Mal Booth was as usual inspiring, provocative and endearing all in one hour of talking.

His talk covered the UTS Library Artist in Residence from 2012 – now. His aim with the position was to balance the efficiency, logic and data of library automotive/economic development, with human interaction, creativity and new ways of seeing. The library staff and library users gained new ways of thinking about discovery.

Look at some of the amazingness online at

and be seriously inspired.

Gelati. In Melbourne. Or (trying to not write about work but actually writing a lot about writing about work)

28 Jun

Tonight @flexnib posted reasons why she might not blog about her work

One reason was that her work nowadays can be boring to others; consisting at her senior management level of reading, planning, writing. I actually think it’s important that we at this level do talk more about how and what we do. I got to my position through the support of a huge number of mentors, all of whose feedback I draw on at regular times still when working out how to respond to an issue, planning a future change, focusing myself to be able to read or write yet ONE MORE report.

If we don’t talk about what we do, why we do it, why it works or doesn’t – then how will others who join senior management realise they are not facing unique issues, know that they are part of a knowledge bank they can draw on.

Therein lies the end of tonight’s lecture though; which should be read with the knowledge that I am biased as I believe library succession planning and leadership mentoring in Australia are dead at present, and we all need to step up and build something.

@flexnib other reasons are excellent. Confidentiality, team cohesion etc
So tonight I am going to give you all a list of essential gelato shops to visit in Melbourne, as a useful non work topic:

1. Casa del Gelato

161 Lygon St Melbourne

Offers broad range of flavours freshly made on site. The best in Melbourne.

Recommended flavours: chocolate orange and pink grapefruit

2. Gelobar

74-76 Lygon st, Brunswick East

Gelato, cake, pizza and coffee in a one stop shop. Chocolate dipped cones and strong range of freshly made flavours. Long standing institution. Always a seat (somehow).

Recommended flavours: Snickers and lemon

3. Brunetti Carlton

380 Lygon st, Carlton 

Walk past the kms of cake display Windows. Walk past the coffee collection point. Walk past the pizza and sandwich display menus. At the back, next to the restaurant dining entry you will see the gelati. Mainly traditional flavours, served with the traditional giant serves, it’s another Melbourne institution. If you plan on sitting down visit outside the multiple rush hours (which leaves you 11-12 or 3-4)

Recommended flavours: Pistacchio and Vanilla & chocolate chip

4. Pidapippo Gelateria

299 Lygon st, Carlton

A relative newcomer location wise to the Lygon st gelati scene, the owner Lisa is no newcomer to the Lygon St hospitality family. Known for trying new and interesting flavours (I still dream about the blackcurrent and salted choc chip perfection); they also came up with the idea early on of a hot Nutella centre for those of you who like your icecream contaminated.

Recommended flavour: something of the specials board

5. Zero Gradi

93-97 Lygon St, Brunswick East

Very new. Confrontingly positioned right across the road from Gelobar I only visitied this upstart once I accepted that Brunswick is indeed big enough for more than one gelati shop.

After admiring the icecream machinery within (as seen on MasterChef creating fresh icecream within 6 minutes) don’t let the small number of flavours put you off. Building your icecream at Zero offers huge creative potential with choices of waffle cone, flavour, sauce and topping. The waffle cones are the best on Lygon St for crunch, freshness and flavour. 

Recommended : chocolate and pistacchio dipped cone, cherry shortbread gelati and crumble topping

[the magic chocolate sauce that hardens into a gentle shell will tempt you; but believe me it is actually too much with this combination. order it on snother flavour and report bevk to me in the comments]

Enjoy everyone.


Yes the above are listed in order of amazingness and not in terms of geographical proximity. Some are a few blocks apart, some are suburbs apart. There is a tram – however if you are trying to do these all in one day you are honestly going to need some walking between them to deal with the sugar intake anyway.

Yes there are gelato shops not on Lygon st in Melbourne. Their gelato might be good, but it doesn’t have tradition and atmosphere. Also they often have long long long queues. Visit them only after you have been to these ones.

Metadata – what does this mean to you?

26 Jun

I have heard people saying cataloging is dead now, with metadata being the new sexy direction.

To me they are the same thing.
So I’m interested in what “metadata” means to you?

How do you use it?
How seriously are you committed to it?

Sevetal years ago loading photos onto Flickr I got bored taking time for descriptors, adding pottery to every picture in my folder of pictures of craft. I got lazy.

Then I went to a library conference where the always provocative @malbooth pointed out that if as information professionals we weren’t adding tags, locations, any descriptors the medium offered to the information we were posting, then we weren’t serious about our profession. I was annoyed at him; and then I decided he was right. So I add in where I am on all  my Instagram posts, and use meaningful hashtags in my tweets. 

However writing this blog post I realised that the new Facebook tags that pop up (politics, world news, food, work & money) irritate me because I feel controlled and so I have rejected them. Additional tags on my blog posts other than my arbitrary thoughts/library offering would also help people find posts directly relevant to them. 

So I guess I need to think more about whether I am trying to share information or just vent.

Sharing requires the work of metadata. 

What does metadata mean to you