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Purple the world

17 Jun

I’m never going to be lost for blog posts this month now I’ve realised I can just bring a new purple thing some publicity whenever lost for other thoughts.

Today’s choice: http://twitter.com/purplesearch and the search engine http://purplesearch.ub.rug.nl/index.html

PurpleSearch even has a clear mission statement “PurpleSearch enables simultaneous search in the most important scientific and scholarly databases”.

I’m so jealous I never thought to force encourage my library to name their search interface this way. I tried and failed in getting our current search interface even coloured this way, but someone has thought bigger than me, and been more successful.

I’m currently involved in a review of our Scholarly Search options. Perhaps if I choose the right one I can introduce VioletSearch to MPOW?

Ballarat flora

6 Jun

I have always believed the world is improved by a tinge of purple (EVERYWHERE), but even I was surprised to see this purple toadstool (more vivid in the sunlight but I didn’t have a camera then) in the middle of the Australian bush!

And Mal, before you state the obvious comments about purple prose, I left this in the ground and haven’t been eating any magic mushrooms : – )