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Superficial improvements that seem to work … shelving panel ends for bays

7 Jun

Ok these cost a little money, but do give a quick lift to an old space.

Available in a wide range of materials and colours from companies like Raeco, these have really dressed up some of our older libraries.

Picture 1 below is our research collection (low use and in a basement)

Row of shelves without bay ends
Row of shelves with wooden bay ends added

Picture 2 shows shelves in the same collection that have had the window dressing added, as they now have a large glass wall between them and the 24/7 student computer lab.

Maybe others might want to do a more professional signage system to complement them 🙂

Those of you who know my love of colour and movement, won’t be surprised that I want to explore the idea of some more exciting displays as part of the end panels – some sort of LED flashing messages; tv screen for images; scratch and sniff Dewey guide; disco ball?