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Tell us a story – #Octshowntell

30 Sep

October’s learning challenge from the Flexible Understanding Now Network (FUNN) has had a fair bit of commentary. Ideas included vlogging, crafting QR codes and Inbox Zero strategies. Then cutting edge @MissSophieMac scooped the pool with the idea of digital storytelling. For those of you (like me) who’ve never heard of this visit Wikipedia on the topic. It has the benefit of allowing people who are not yet comfortable with flashing their face on the web a cloak to screen themselves.

So the challenge for October is at present #Octshowntell – 1 a week (4 in total).
Tell any story you like (can be work related, pets, recipes) with visual (show) and audio (tell).

5/10 Vimeo groups works now (unlike YouTube groups)
so please add your stories to
(to join choose restructuregirl as a contact & I will add you to the group!)
or show and tell on your own blogs and twitter the link with the tag #octshowntell

Now the important question is DO I HAVE ANY TAKERS?

Keep in mind that I rely on FUNN for entertainment these days, so if I don’t get enough tweeps playing this I shall nag you all into a variant of @flexnib’s reading challenge ; with a designated weekly reading on library studies with expected reports for discussion online from all.

For those who like the details:

Intro to vlogging – or

Digital storytelling tools – Storybird, animoto, xtranormal, glogster, voicethread, animasher, makebelievecomics, vuvox, prezi
Example :

4/10 #Octshowntell first entrants

Jo at

Tony at


9 Sep

QRcode, originally uploaded by restructuregirl.

This is a QR code that could be used to direct people to the #piratehatsWednesday Flickr group.

Learning through fun.

And now for some fun – with pirate hats

9 Sep

Yesterday Mal Booth got a little restless up at the UTS library. He chatted to some colleagues. He decided to do something silly just because he could. Discussions with his staff and his Twitter group led to a challenge for next Wednesday 15 Sept. We’re spreading the challenge through social media and seeing how it goes. For those of you who are asking, the reason we are doing this is #noparticularreason The reason it’s in a library is because some of us are librarians or work in libraries. It’s really simple and it is about having fun : – )

Wear a pirate hat next Wednesday 15 Sept in a library.

Then share your frivolity, silliness, playfullness with the world, by exploring social media and using the tag #piratehatsWednesday

You may want to put up a blog post or make a statement on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace

You may choose to add a photo of your or other’s hats to the Flickr group or get carried away and do a Youtube video or a quick video snapshot on

You might get inspired and bake pirate hat goodies (all contributions for tasting can be sent to Mal Booth, UTS, Sydney)

Instructions on how to make pirate hats can be found here and here and here

This activity already has celebrity engagement (although we’re happy to hear about more)

Next self directed group learning challenge?

7 Sep

HI Everyone

Thanks for your time investment in our earlier challenges :



I’m calling for suggestions for our next group project. Popular suggestions so far suggest podcasting or vlogging – perhaps 1 a week?

Still open to other ideas though – let me know your thoughts please.

Also for those looking for something in Sept @katclancy has a wonderful Twitter theme going of #positiveSep whereby you post up good thoughts! Focuses us all on our wonderful parts of each day, as well as offer other’s wonderful events to cheer us all.

Cheers, Ruth

PS Kathryn has suggested something called so this idea is growing!